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Unlike in the past, the first two editions of the upgrade in addition to CPU, as well as including motherboards, memory cards, including even the whole upgrade. And this is only CPU, this is a not a complete upgrade to the Wholesale Jerseys team's big pains caused unprecedented until now not been able to take full advantage of the effectiveness of the entire system, said Lippi as the CPU, and is world famous CPU in this sphere the team is the most dazzling, also called the world's only top-level configuration. As the brain system, his arrival natural to use in their own way to modify the program, with different parts, in accordance with the new operating system to perform new procedures, this process will naturally have a lot of problems Lippi in two months time, players in the game played no fewer than 20 people, and several sets of used 4321,4231,442 lineup. First, emphasis on defense, and then adjust the physical condition, the new system is compatible with the new procedure for a lot of problems. But Barrios arrival triggered a series of questions, the first of his physical condition they could not reach the level of competition, including the League Cup has played a total of six times, scoring two goals; secondly Barrios was unable to quickly integrate into Hengda new system, no play an immediate role. This is before the Hengda several foreign aid Muric, hole cards, Cleo's arrival contrasts addition, Barrios has also led to the emergence of wholesale jerseys from china free shipping foreign aid system in the throes of Hengda Hengda first in order to gradually increase the foreign aid, foreign aid move Super modify its enrollment. But even so, still enough to go around causing instability of foreign aid groups. Hengda into the knockout stages of the AFC enrollment occasion, Barrios and Cleo contender this two forward positions, while the public discontent for playing time on the team Lippi transformation is normal, as if you do not transform the world marshal the team was not normal, so in order to upgrade Hengda also seem inevitable price to pay, and the other reason is that the AFC, the first task is to AFC Lippi, he adjusted his tactics and physical condition by means to achieve in Asia Crown stadium reborn purposes, although the Old Lane does not say, but it is not declared the secret. In addition to reconstruction, Lippi is also a task team of foreign aid groups to put down discontent within the stabbing outside must first be peace, Lippi or have to come up against the big giants of the past in skill, but in the Super League, he tricks can succeed?

Lippi able to complete the run in the AFC upgrade is the issue people are China Wholesale Jerseys most concerned about are only in the result before numerous Hero, Super defending AFC promotion, is the perfect result of this labor pains, for the marshal and words, this is also not afford to lose the bet. Hengda escalating, but the upgrade is possible to estimate the potential problems and inadequate response, coach upgrades, attracted a marshal teething problems; foreign aid upgrade, bring on so and so who is dissatisfied with the problem of who will move; neiyuan upgrade bring seven internationals were mobilized problem; Hengda want to become a world-class club, the next Wholesale Jerseys China step may have to upgrade, to solve these problems in order to move on.